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Britain's gas imports to go up

Heating needs of the country would be comfortably absorbed.

North Sea gas reserves have depleted by 9 per cent this winter, which means that UK will have to import close to 55 per cent of its gas requirements for the season from Norway, Netherlands, Qatar and Algeria, among other countries, said power networks operator National Grid.

"As ageing North Sea fields continue to deplete, we are getting less and less of our gas from them every year," said a National Grid spokesman.

However, the energy company said that there would be no repeat of last year's conditions, when National Grid had to announce several alerts and urge industries to reduce their gas usage, as European pipelines faced the possibility of a supply cut off owing to a dispute between Ukraine and Russia.

The company, said in its outlook that given the increased LNG imports and projected increase in generating capacity, the heating needs of the country would be comfortably absorbed, even in case of a harsh winter.