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Iberdrola to build substation, 220kV power line in Alicante, Spain

The high voltage line is intended facilitate a new desalination plant.

Iberdrola Ingenieria has won a contract from state-owned Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterraneas to build a substation and related 220kV high-voltage line to facilitate the electricity connection at a new desalination plant in the province of Alicante, Spain.

The work, which is expected to cost approximately €7.3m, includes both drafting and execution of the project, and the desalination plant is currently in the construction phase.

The company has also started up the 400kV Tres Cantos substation, the final phase of the 45/15kV Pacífico substation for the Madrid subway, and the Saucedilla and Saelices substations in Spain.

Construction of substations and electricity-distribution lines is one of the company's four main business areas, in addition to the development of generation infrastructure, nuclear power plants and renewable-energy facilities.