BP starts open water fishing operations at Gulf oil well

Drill piping begins to be removed as space is made for new blow out preventer at Deepwater Horizon s

British oil company BP has started open water fishing operations to remove drill pipe before the failed blow out preventer (BOP) of the MC252 well is replaced with a new one in the Gulf of Mexico.

The fishing operations were authorized by the federal government following a successful 48-hour ambient pressure test to assure that no oil will leak during the pipe removal procedure.

Following successful fishing operations and authorization from the National Incident Commander (NIC), BP will proceed with replacement of the original BOP with the Transocean Development Driller II (DDII) BOP.

In anticipation of a successful operation, the DDII set a storm packer and has unlatched its BOP from the second relief well site, BP said.

In the case fishing operations are unsuccessful, BP and the federal science team are developing contingency procedures, which will be carried out under the approval from the NIC.