BSI launches Kitemark scheme for carbon reduction verification

New standard to certify organisations' efforts at lowering emissions.

BSI, a provider of standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval in the UK, has launched its Kitemark scheme for Energy Reduction Verification (ERV), which will verify and certify the organisations that reduce carbon emissions

The Kitemark scheme provides organizations, both large and small, with a measurable means of reducing energy usage.

The Environment Agency has approved the scheme as one of the Early Action Metrics that contribute to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, the UK's mandatory climate change and energy-saving scheme.

At a time when UK firms carbon footprint is coming under increasing scrutiny, the scheme also allows organisations to present clear and independent information about their energy use performance for stakeholders including investors, regulators, specifiers and consumers.

The scheme provides a simpler and comprehensive alternative to both the Carbon Trust and CEMAR standards.

The Kitemark scheme has been designed specifically with CRC requirements, which requires that only greenhouse gas emissions from energy use are taken into account.

The scheme will allow organizations to focus solely on their energy emissions rather than have carbon resulting from transport and other sources complicate measurements, the company said.