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Casino signs additional 20MW solar panel supply deal with SunPower

The agreement will enable Casino to use panels on roof space and parking areas to generate power.

French retailer Casino and SunPower have signed an agreement under which SunPower will supply an additional 20MW of high-efficiency solar panels for Casion solar power installations in mainland France.

The agreement, which builds on a similar 15MW agreement between the two companies last year, will enable Casino to turn under-utilized roof space and parking areas into power plants to produce renewable electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

SunPower will supply Casino with its E19 Series solar panels, which offer an efficiency of 19% or greater. The modules feature larger and powerful all-back contact solar cells that deliver 3% more surface area per cell, boosting panel efficiency by reducing unutilized space, SunPower said.

The combined 35MW agreement will result in solar power systems at 18 of Casino's properties, on rooftops and parking lots. In-store monitoring displays at Casino's facilities with solar power systems will provide customers and employees with information on how much solar power is being generated on site.