IceWEB receives order for 24 terabyte storage platform

IceWEB, a provider of purpose built appliances and building blocks for cloud storage networks, has r

The platform will be used for pipeline mapping and log storage. The multi-tiered storage platform is custom tailored with IceWEB products to handle the stringent demands of the utility industry.

John Signorello, CEO of IceWEB, said: "During the last six months, IceWEB has been making significant inroads within the oil and gas industry. Earlier this month, we were awarded a contract to analyze a Fortune 10 oil and gas company's current Geospatial Data Warehouse. We will continue to target the oil and gas industry as IceWEB's products fit many of these companies' storage needs."

The US-based IceWEB manufactures and markets purpose built appliances, network and cloud storage platforms, and delivers on-line cloud computing application services. Its customer base includes the US government agencies, enterprise companies and small to medium sized businesses.