Government pledges £30m to reduce transport emissions

The funding is part of the Department of Transport's strategy to encourage low carbon transport and

As part of the funding, local authorities and bus operators will have the opportunity to bid for an additional £10m to buy new low carbon buses. This is an extension to the existing scheme, which is delivering around 350 low carbon buses in England.

There will also be a £3.5m fund to support the increased use of biogas - a sustainable renewable fuel produced from waste material. Biogas can be used in the same way as conventional fossil fuels, powering vehicles and homes. The government believes that generating fuel from waste has the potential to provide environmental benefits and will be crucial in helping the UK meet its carbon reduction targets.

The government will also increase fund for the Technology Strategy Board's low-carbon vehicle supply networks competition. This aims to develop UK supply chains for low and ultra-low carbon vehicles. A new test centre in Nuneaton, is proposed to develop and test future intelligent transport technologies.

It is also planning a low carbon truck demonstration project, aiming to demonstrate the benefits of lower carbon heavy goods vehicles over a full range of operations. The government will provide further funding for the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Grant program, which supports the installation of refueling and recharging stations for a range of alternative fuels.

Andrew Adonis, transport secretary of the UK, said: ''These measures will not only help us to reduce emissions but also provide a sustainable and economically viable alternative to traditional carbon-based transport.''