UK plans to cut emissions from homes by 29 per cent

Government plans include better home insulation and free energy upgrades for social housing.

The UK government has introduced the 'Warm Homes, Greener Homes Strategy' aimed at reducing emissions from homes by 29 per cent by 2020. It is hoped that the move with help people to make smarter use of energy at their residence and reduce their bills.

The new strategy is also expected to create 65,000 jobs in the green homes industry for installing and manufacturing energy saving measures or providing home energy advice.

The strategy will be implemented in a three stage plan: to insulate 6 million homes by the end of 2011, to insulate all practical lofts and cavity walls by 2015 and to have offered up to 7 million eco upgrades by 2020.

The government will introduce legislation to allow 'pay as you save' green loans to be tied to the property, which will avoid the up-front cost of eco upgrades. The program will facilitate teaming up of energy companies and local authorities to help householders become more energy efficient.

The program also offers direct help to lower income groups. A new 'Warm Homes' standard for social housing will see all social tenants receive free energy upgrades for their homes from energy companies, including fitted smart meters, leading to savings of up to £300 a year on bills.

Furthermore, the program will set minimum energy efficiency standards for rented property to help tenants left in poorly insulated and energy wasting properties, and ensuring standards are met before they are rented out.

A one stop shop energy helpline will be introduced for people to access information about how to benefit from energy efficiency measures.

In addition, DECC is funding a new initiative collaborating with a group of employers to mobilize their employees to insulate their homes. The Insulate Today pilot program will be launched by Aviva, HSBC and Sainsbury's reaching around 250,000 staff members.