S&C Electric selects International Battery for Community Energy Storage systems

S&C Electric Company has chosen International Battery as the battery system provider for its Communi

CES is a concept for distributed energy storage initiated by AEP. AEP Ohio's gridSmart Demonstration Project, funded in part by $75m Department of Energy (DOE) stimulus funding, will be deployed to 110,000 AEP Ohio customers in northeast central Ohio.

The project will integrate a broad range of advanced technologies in the distribution grid, utility back office, and consumer premises with consumer programs in order to demonstrate the benefits of a smart grid for consumers and the utility, the company said.

According to the company, the intent is to provide benefits to the utility and its customers, such as load leveling, back-up power, support for plug-in electric car deployment as well as grid regulation and improved distribution line efficiencies.

Ake Almgren, president and CEO of International Battery, said: ''The Community Energy Storage product is a perfect fit for our large format prismatic lithium ion technology," said I's, Dr.. "We are excited about the opportunity to work with S&C and AEP to advance Community Energy Storage from concept to a viable product.''

Jim Sember, vice president of power quality products division at S&C Electric, said: ''The requirements for CES are very demanding. After carefully evaluating leading battery manufacturers, we chose International Battery for the next step in this project because of the system advantages offered by large format cells, their system engineering design capabilities and proven reliability.

''These energy storage systems will need to be very robust and dependable. We believe that together with International Battery, we can design and deliver a product that meets CES requirements.''