Nalco Mobotec signs mercury emission control contract with PPL

Nalco Mobotec, specializing in air protection technology, has signed a contract with PPL to provide

PPL is operator and part owner of the Colstrip power plant. The agreement, which took effect on January 1, provides PPL with one of Nalco Mobotec's patented MerControl additives. This system will help PPL conform to the State of Montana's new mercury emissions regulations, the company said. The agreement with PPL runs for five years and is valued at more than $3m.

Dave Flitman, senior executive vice president of Nalco Mobotec and president of Water Services, said: "Our MerControl family of solutions provides the power industry with comprehensive mercury control.PPL will benefit from one portion of our end-to-end solution, which includes mercury removal at pre-combustion and coal treatment through the firing process, flue gas capture and re-emission control and finally removal from wastewater to the very low parts per trillion level. All these solutions can be customized to meet site-specific needs."