Suzuki, Intelligent Energy unveil Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter in London

Intelligent Energy, a clean power systems company, and the Suzuki Motor have jointly unveiled the Su

The scooter is equipped with Intelligent Energy's proprietary air-cooled, clean fuel cell power systems and is fuelled from a cylinder of hydrogen, which can be re-fuelled in a few minutes and gives a riding range of 350km comparable to a conventional Burgman scooter.

Kit Malthouse, chair of London Hydrogen Partnership and deputy mayor for policing of London, said: ''I am incredibly excited by the Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter. It's a fantastic piece of kit which shows how we can combat climate change without all having to wear hairshirts. This scooter, which produces nothing but water, is a triumph of human ingenuity.''

Henri Winand, CEO of Intelligent Energy, said: ''The zero-emissions Fuel Cell Burgman scooter is the latest product of the successful commercial relationship between Suzuki and Intelligent Energy. Clean fuel cell engine powered motorcycles are designed for the real world and can be widely available to a large global market in the near future.

''Fuel cell vehicles in general have entered a period of fleet tests, and our two companies will soon be releasing details of the first public road testing and demonstration of the Burgman Fuel Cell Scooters, which will begin in the UK later this year.''

The first public road tests of the Suzuki Burgman will be conducted initially at Loughborough. These will be extended to controlled fleet tests in cities such as London, where zero emission vehicles such as a fuel cell scooter have good initial potential, the company said.