InfoSpi to open demo plant to display sludge conversion to bio-oils

InfoSpi and IBS have plans to open a 50 ton a month demonstration plant that will allow sludge and s

The demonstration plant will be opening in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and will give local municipalities in the US the ability to view a system that will combat their wastewater and sludge.

InfoSpi said that this technology will provide their customers benefits such as: the water is recovered in a condition able to be converted into potable water, all sludge is eliminated, bio-petroleum is obtained as an output of the applied technology, and no pollutant outputs are produced.

Chris Hamilton, CEO of InfoSpi, said: "InfoSpi will charge the sludge originator (city, plant, farm, etc) $20 to $45 per ton and this will be less expensive than current transportation cost plus landfill final disposal fees or ocean dumping. In addition to being a much more ecologically sound solution, from the process we will produce oil for power generators and potable water which can all be sold back to the city for its use and the oil shall also produce additional revenues.

"The energy potential contained in wastewater and biomass exceeds by ten times the energy used to treat it, and can potentially meet up to 12% of the national electricity demand. Creating enough electricity to power New York City, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago annually.''