Composite Technology reveals completion of transmission line in Belgium

Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) has revealed completion of an ACCC conductor transmission lin

With the choice of ACCC Lisbon conductor, Elia, a Belgian transmission operator was able to increase the current carrying capacity of the existing 150kV line between Mol and Beringen without modifying or replacing any of the lattice steel towers, CTC said.

The key issue considered by the utility in this project was the ability to transmit the output of a new power plant while keeping one circuit in service and limiting the environmental impact.

Bart Pelssers, project leader of Elia, said: "We have carefully planned this project ahead and evaluated all possible options to come to the best solution for this line. The ACCC conductor install ran very smoothly and was completed ahead of schedule. Elia will surely consider using ACCC conductors again for future projects."

John Brewster, president of CTC Cable, said: "We are very pleased to have our advanced conductor in an operating line in Belgium, and look forward to expanding the market there and in the rest of Europe. We are confident that awareness of the economic and performance advantages of this installation will spread throughout the area and we look forward to collaborating with all of the excellent companies involved on solutions for additional transmission projects."

Through its subsidiary CTC develops, manufactures and sells electrical transmission conductors.