Daimer Unveils Eco-Green Rain Repellent Glass Guard

Daimer Industries (Daimer), a provider of green cleaning formulations for vehicles, has unveiled Eco

The biodegradable formulation is part of a recently introduced line of windshield washer fluid solutions that includes ready-to-use and concentrated formulations for warm and cold weather.

The formulation is part of Daimer's eco-green line for vehicles. The products include green chemicals based on vegetable compounds that contain no volatile organic compounds or hazardous solvents. Eco-green products biodegrade completely within a month.

Eco-green green chemicals use a proprietary micro-blasting technology, based on nano design. The technology uses tiny particles to pierce the carbon bonds of dirt and grease.

The particles also provide a protective coating on windshields. As a result, the rain repellent formulation repels rain, sleet and snow and forces water to bead up, instead of clinging to the glass. Rain repellent and glass guard also prevents the adherence of bugs and dirt. The technology is particularly useful for night driving during inclement weather. Like all eco-green green chemicals and windshield products, rain repellent and glass guard will not damage car wax, vehicle paint, plastics or rubber, the company said.

Daimer's Eco-Green line of green chemicals for vehicles includes products such as: windshield wash, heavy-duty car wash, upholstery cleaner, adhesive and ink remover, multi-purpose hard surface cleaner, glass and multi surface cleaner.