Hi Score, Fort Lauderdale chamber of commerce launch energy saving initiative

Hi Score, a supplier of lighting products, has installed its energy saving lighting in the Fort Laud

Hi Score claims that the alliance between the company and Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce serves as a validation of its products to the chamber's thousands of corporate members.

The company has included products from its ecogreenbulb line as well as its green LED technology products and may provide similar products to the chamber of commerce's several thousand corporate members.

Last week, the company unveiled its REPCO line of traditional lighting. The REPCO lighting is designed to meet the non-LED and non-CFL lighting market demands and is composed of traditional light bulbs and fixtures at competitive prices, the company said.

Hi Score offers LED lighting products (with a focus on LED bulbs) that will directly replace existing incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).