Chart of the day: Generation game

Almost half of young people work in one employment sector.

Using data highlighted by the TUC's Anjum Klair, this chart shows the astonishing concentration of young workers in jobs in just one shrinking sector.

Klair writes:

The analysis found that the types of jobs that account for over half of all youth employment – manufacturing, construction and retail, hotels and restaurants – have shed nearly a million jobs since 2007. . .

The number of manufacturing jobs fell by 14 per cent between the last quarter of 2007 and the last quarter of 2011, a loss of 406,000 jobs. The construction sector had the next biggest fall losing 281,000 jobs (12 per cent of all construction jobs).

The retail, hotel and restaurants industry has lost 221,000 jobs since the end of 2007, a fall of three per cent. Four in ten young workers are employed in this sector, compared to just one in six workers over the age of 25.

Finance and business services is the only sector to have expanded since 2007, gaining 98,000 jobs (up two per cent) over the last four years.

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