Exploring the shifting dynamics of fan culture


A woman poses in front of photowall showing a fantasy library at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair. Photo: Thomas Lohnes/Getty
To build a fan base, it helps to know what it’s like to be a fan
By Elizabeth Minkel - 12 December 10:00

The online book world is about gathering around a book, or a love of books generally. If publishers want to capitalise on this, they would do well to promote authors who are fans themselves.

Benedict Cumberbatch at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Photo: Getty
Why it doesn’t matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of Sherlock fan fiction
By Elizabeth Minkel - 17 October 14:51

Fan fiction gives women and other marginalised groups the chance to subvert the mainstream perspective, to fracture a story and recast it in their own way. It’s not for the benefit of middle-aged men with a vast audience and little understanding of the form.

An Iranian woman reads a copy of “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows” at a bookshop in Tehran. Photo: Getty
Read whatever the hell you want: why we need a new way of talking about young adult literature
By Elizabeth Minkel - 14 October 17:25

Should adults be reading books supposedly aimed at children and teenagers? According to the literary establishment in 2014, this is a question fraught with difficulty. But is it really as hard as all that?

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, ready for action in the new series of Doctor Who. Photo: BBC/Ray Burmiston
The global force of Doctor Who: what does Britain’s biggest cultural export tell the world?
By Elizabeth Minkel - 20 August 16:35

In advance of Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Twelfth Doctor, the cast have been on a world tour, doing their duty to its global fandom. By exporting this British cultural institution, what are we saying about ourselves?

Fans waiting for the Beatles in Paris in 1965. Photo: AFP/Getty Images
Is this the Year of the Fan?
By Elizabeth Minkel - 31 July 11:32

Introducing her new column on fan culture for the NS, Elizabeth Minkel explains why 2014 feels like a turning point in the appreciation of how people who love something interact.