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Private jet flight tax lined up for Budget 2011

George Osborne is set to close at least one tax loophole.

At this year's Budget, George Osborne will announce a tax on private jet flights, which are not currently subject to duty.

Osborne will decide whether to introduce existing air duty tax onto private jet flights, or create a new tax for them.

Along with this, a freeze in passenger duty will be set for this year on commercial flights. At the moment the duty for short haul economy flights is £12, raised by £1 last November. Duty is more for longer routes.

Along with these moves to make the rich pay their share in tax, Osborne is to crack down on the 10 per cent of people who don't pay their tax bills in full, which includes small businesses, criminal gangs, and fraudsters.

A target of raising a total of £7bn from this by the 2014/15 tax year has been set.

Liam McLaughlin is a freelance journalist who has also written for Prospect and the Huffington Post. He tweets irregularly @LiamMc108.