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China's trade surplus hits $27bn

The country's exports also increased by 22.9 per cent to $135.9bn.

China's trade surplus has surged to its second highest level this year at $27bn in October.

This is significantly higher than the $16.9bn in September and close to the year's high of $28.7bn reached in July.

The country's exports increased by 22.9 per cent to $135.9bn and imports rose by 25. 3 per cent to $108.8bn.

Analysts say the figures - along with US data expected to show a trade deficit of about $45bn - were likely to prompt further debate over global trade imbalances.

The robust increase in trade surplus will likely elicit criticism from the US and the international community who have been arguing that Beijing's tactic of keeping the Yuan devalued to boost its exports is hurting other nations.

Currency manipulation is expected to take precedence at the G20 meeting of leading nations in South Korea this week.