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BA strike will go ahead

Unite have announced that cabin crew are to go ahead with a three-day strike at midnight.

A last ditch attempt at reconciliation between BA and the union failed this afternoon, meaning tomorrow's cabin crew walkout is set to go ahead, coming into effect at midnight. Tony Woodley, the union's joint general secretary, told reporters of his "great disappointment" at the breakdown of the negotiations.

The standoff between BA and Unite had been increasing in intensity, as the airline claimed growing numbers of its staff would cross the picket lline, and the union claiming international support for its industrial action.

Willie Walsh, British Airways CEO, spoke in front of BBC reporters after the negotiations collapsed:

I think if people want to point fingers, and ask or seek scapegoats in relation to why these discussions have failed, I think they have to look somewhere else. I have been committed to reaching agreement.

Tony Woodley also told the press pack:

In fact, what British Airways has done is to table an offer that is worse than the offer that they unilaterally agreed for us last week. That makes it absolutely impossible for us to be able to go back to our members and reballot them under these circumstances.