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European employment index rises 1 per cent in June

The UK index, however, remains static.

The Monster Employment Index Europe, a monthly gauge of online job-posting activity across the continent, reached 142 points in June, a year-on-year increase of 1 per cent.

The UK employment index, however, remained static at 141 points.

By industry, the environment, architecture and urbanism index grew most by 17 per cent year over year; followed by telecommunication (13 per cent), education, training and library (9 per cent), real estate (8 per cent) and engineering (6 per cent).

Yet a decline in recruitment activity was seen in industries such as marketing, PR and media (down 3 per cent), sales (down 4 per cent) and agriculture, fishing and forestry (down 4 per cent).

The craft and related trades workers index, meanwhile, grew by 4 per cent, followed by technicians and associate professionals (3 per cent). The skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers index was down by 8 per cent and elementary occupations was down 3 per cent.

By region, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Sweden reported reduced demand in online recruitment activity year-over-year. Germany continues to lead all regions with annual growth at 11 per cent, albeit at a reduced pace from May (19 per cent).

Italy reported growth at 2 per cent, returning to levels last seen in February, and the UK matched its rate of growth recorded a year ago.

Alan Townsend, vice-president of sales readiness and business operations for Monster Europe, said:

The marked reduction in online recruitment recorded in June’s index is unsurprising, considering the current uncertainty of the wider economy. However, while recruitment demand is generally muted, over a third of industries continue to report annual growth, with a variety of opportunities across sectors including architectural, telecommunication and education.