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Chart of the day: What red tape?

The Beecroft report, leaked by the Daily Telegraph and due to be officially published later today, calls for a slashing of employment protections in the name of boosting growth and doing away with red tape. But as OECD data shows, the UK has the second lowest employment protection in the OECD after the US.

As Samira Shackle reported:

The Beecroft proposals were first floated back in October. The businessman was commissioned by Downing Street to look at ways of increasing productivity and efficiency for small businesses. One suggestion was to scrap unfair dismissal rules, which he said were having a “terrible impact” on the “efficiency and hence competitiveness of our businesses”.

The full report is set to be published this week, but has already been leaked to the Daily Telegraph. Proposals include stopping the planned spread of flexible working, and scrapping planned equal pay audits.

Alex Hern is a technology reporter for the Guardian. He was formerly staff writer at the New Statesman. You should follow Alex on Twitter.