DFID secretary, Andrew Mitchell
DFID squeezes £70m from the private sector
By Alex Hern - 01 May 12:17

Actis Capital complains of "strong arm" tactics

Apple's taxing problem
By Alex Hern - 30 April 11:13

New York Times accuses Apple of tax avoidance on a large scale

Two women speak in front of a conservatory
Giving up the conservatory tax leaves the Green Deal in tatters
By Joey Gardiner - 22 April 9:00

The government's flagship environmental policy is now tied to an unpopular measure – but they've got

Cameron under fire for family's tax avoidance
By Alex Hern - 21 April 13:03

Ian Cameron ran investment funds in Panama and Geneva aimed at avoiding UK tax.

An elderly man hoes a field in Cuba
Raising the pension age will just turn 69-year-olds into the "undeserving poor"
By Nigel Stanley - 21 April 12:00

The Institute of Directors is wrong to call for raising the pension age; it's not a magic money tree

CBI argues for a "competitive" tax system
By New Statesman - 19 April 13:18

In 2010-11, businesses paid more than a quarter of the total UK tax take of £551bn.

Two stacked coins
Simple taxes are progressive taxes
By Matthew Sinclair - 17 April 14:18

The TPA's Matthew Sinclair argues that it is lack of take-up that makes the tax system look biased a

Oliver Twist begs for more
Going cap in hand to the charities
By Ian Mulheirn - 17 April 11:45

How to change the tax relief cap to help charities and the government get value for money.

The BP board, 1960
Where the tax burden falls
By Alex Hern - 17 April 9:48

Where does the tax burden fall, and why do loopholes help the rich?

People queue outside a Barclays
Barclays tax-planning under investigation
By Alex Hern - 16 April 13:01

The bank's tax planning has been described as a "sham" in a New York court briefing

Denise Van Outen holds a cheque for Great Ormond Street Hospital
How charitable tax deductions work
By Alex Hern - 16 April 9:18

We've heard Osborne's plans to crack down on tax dodgers/philanthropists (delete as appropriate), bu

Tax transparency treats the symptom not the cause
By Matthew Sinclair - 11 April 16:02

If we worry about politicians dodging taxes, attack the dodging, not the privacy, writes the TPA's M

Amazon's tax avoidance can only be solved at EU level
By Jon Worth - 10 April 11:58

Little-Britainism won't help us here.

A pint sits on a bar-top next to a cigarette in an ash-tray. (Getty)
Black market cost UK £28.5bn in five years
By New Statesman - 10 April 6:01

11 per cent of the entire spirits market is under the table.

New Statesman
Edward Heath U-turned. Will Osborne be forced to do the same?
By David Blanchflower - 03 April 13:57

Creating mayhem is unlikely to be a sustainable, long-run industrial relations strategy. The government already has troubles in the public sector with its cull of jobs – remember all that talk of the enemy?

The perils of non-compliance
By Alex Hern - 02 April 12:45

Ireland and America are suffering the same problem with their contentious taxes.

Ireland fights against property tax
By Alex Hern - 02 April 11:53

A €100 flat tax remains unpaid by half of Irish households.

Osborne's dynamic plan
By Alex Hern - 28 March 9:02

How a technical change in Treasury forecasting could help scrap the 45p tax rate.

Why is tax avoidance a reason for letting people off tax?
By Alex Hern - 22 March 12:03

Tax dodging, the Laffer curve, and the 50p rate

Stamp duty versus mansion tax
By Alex Hern - 21 March 9:57

Although superficially similar, high stamp duty is not a mansion tax

Just one thing: cut the basic rate
By Andrew Harrop - 18 March 11:41

The Fabian Society tells George Osborne what it wants to hear in the 2012 Budget.

Just one thing: a £50bn stimulus
By Ian Mulheirn - 18 March 11:37

The Social Market Foundation tells George Osborne what it wants to hear in the 2012 Budget.

Just one thing: cut national insurance
By Tony Dolphin - 18 March 11:28

IPPR tells George Osborne what it wants to hear in the 2012 Budget.

Should government reduce corporation tax to 20 per cent?
By New Statesman - 16 March 6:24

Move may attract more capital to the country.

Tax avoidance isn't always unclear
By Alex Hern - 14 March 18:12

The fringes of what constitutes tax avoidance may be hazy, but that doesn't mean that some cases are

Budget 2012: the tax battlegrounds
By Alex Hern - 12 March 12:08

It's the most exciting period of the year (for accountants): The run-up to the budget. But what's in

Centre for Policy Studies submits nine suggestions for the Budget
By New Statesman - 09 March 12:14

The think tank aims to encourage a "savings culture".

Pension taxes become a battlefield for the budget
By Alex Hern - 08 March 12:27

Two seperate groups are pushing for changes to how pensions are taxed in the budget, but could they

Lowest shop price inflation in nearly two years
By New Statesman - 07 March 7:02

But food inflation rises to 4.2 per cent.