GDP may be rising, but wage growth is at its lowest level on record. There is no recovery for most voters.
Falling wages show why the Tories aren't benefiting from the return of growth
By George Eaton - 13 August 10:32

GDP may be rising, but wage growth is at its lowest level on record. There is no recovery for most voters. 

For most, there is still no recovery at all.
Why the Tories can't declare that the living standards crisis is over
By George Eaton - 16 April 10:08

Average pay excluding bonuses remains below inflation. For most, there is still no recovery at all. 

If inflation is a bad thing, why is government policy designed to make us want more of it?
By Jonn Elledge - 12 September 7:59

Britain is awash with debt, while government policy encourages inflation. But theoretical inflation sorts a lot of stuff out, while actual inflation will hurt.

Leader: Don’t bet the bank on Mark Carney
By New Statesman - 14 June 11:32

Until the government marries monetary activism with fiscal activism, Britain will not have a recovery worthy of the name.

New Statesman
Unemployment up and inflation down in the eurozone
By Alex Hern - 30 April 13:06

ECB rate cuts expected

New Statesman
With every fare rise and fee increase, the government decides to defy the inflation hawks
By Alex Hern - 25 February 11:29

This year and next, a full 0.6pp of inflation will be because of direct government decisions.

New Statesman
Inflation is worst for the worse off
By Alex Hern - 22 February 8:40

"Essentials" increased in price by far more than the CPI last year.

MPC prepared to overlook "period of above-target inflation"
By Alex Hern - 13 February 12:15

Bank of England dashes hopes of the inflation hawks.

CPI stands at 2.7 per cent, unchanged for fourth month
By Alex Hern - 12 February 9:33

Stability in price levels.

The challenges facing Mark Carney at the Bank of England
By David Blanchflower - 07 February 15:38

The new Bank of England governor doesn’t start until July but he has some important decisions to make before then.

The Economist endorses NGDP targeting. Well, sort of…
By Alex Hern - 01 February 17:32

The Economist endorses a bit of NGDP targeting, for a bit, in a bit.

67p none the richer: popular music uprated for inflation
By Alex Hern - 28 January 11:31

In which the fun is sucked out of music.

Krugman: Can Japan pull it off?
By Alex Hern - 21 January 8:34

Can Japan actually end decades of deflation?

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Business quote of the day: inflation surprises
By Alex Hern - 13 November 14:06

“The surprise for us was the extent of the food price increase"               

Inflation rises by half a per cent
By Alex Hern - 13 November 9:40

CPI now stands at 2.7 per cent.

Gas Burner
Inflation hits lowest rate since November 2009
By Alex Ward - 16 October 17:28

But hikes in food and energy bills put a dampener on the news.

The Bank of England building on Threadneedle Street in London.
The inflation hawks were wrong
By George Eaton - 16 October 15:22

As NS economics editor David Blanchflower predicted, inflation has plummeted in the last year.

FRED imports EU inflation data; stats nerds jump for joy, start charting things
By Alex Hern - 10 August 11:32

French healthcare inflation vs US healthcare inflation! Beer inflation! Spanish inflation!

Will the ECB carry on bullying governments into doing what it wants?
By Alex Hern - 02 August 11:04

The central bank sees the merit of the carrot and the stick. Democracy? Not so much.

UK shop price inflation slows to 1 per cent in July
By New Statesman - 01 August 6:08

Lowest rise in food inflation since 2010.

Inflation drops to 2.4 per cent
By Alex Hern - 17 July 10:14

RPI and CPI both fall further.

New Statesman
China's inflation problem
By Niloofar Rafiei - 25 May 13:57

Producer and consumer prices are diverging - which could spark trouble in the future.

Chart of the day: Inflation falls to 3 per cent
By New Statesman - 22 May 15:42
The UK inflation at its lowest in over two years
By New Statesman - 22 May 10:46

Annual rate on the consumer prices index drops to 3 per cent.

New Statesman
Inflation: It's worse than it seems
By Lauren Buljubasic - 18 May 13:50

Low wage growth + High price growth = Misery.

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Britain is "navigating through turbulent waters", says Mervyn King
By New Statesman - 17 May 7:03

The Bank of England governor warns of a "storm heading our way" from Europe, as CPI inflation remain