Q2 GDP revised up by 0.2 per cent
By Alex Hern - 24 August 9:56

The second estimate for GDP in the second quarter of 2012 has been revised upwards, from a contraction of 0.7 per cent to a contraction of "just" 0.5 per cent.

Tax dodging by foreign companies risks rendering aid pointless
By Chris Jordan - 23 August 12:38

The amount lost to foreign countries through tax dodging far outstrips the aid budget – and it could get worse.

Selling expensive council houses can't accommodate the future
By Chris Mansfield - 21 August 17:16

"What might be an appropriate tactical response in some cases could not be considered to be a comprehensive strategic solution."

New Statesman
Niall Ferguson attacks Obama, poorly
By Alex Hern - 20 August 12:34

The economic historian penned a cover-piece for Newsweek which doesn't show the best grasp of his subject.

The economics of Ramadan
By Adam Ramsey - 18 August 10:09

The reduced energy levels - and working hours - of the month of fasting affects the stock markets.

No, really, George Osborne - here's your plan B
By Helen Lewis - 18 August 9:15

More economists join the revolt against austerity.

Exclusive: Osborne's supporters turn on him
By George Eaton - 15 August 14:11

Leading economists who formerly backed Osborne urge him to change course.

George Osborne
How to lose friends and alienate economists
By George Eaton - 15 August 13:50

In February 2010, a group of 20 economists endorsed George Osborne’s deficit-reduction plan. Today, many of them are deeply disillusioned with the Chancellor – so we asked them how they see things now.

A Danish gymnast vaults over a pommel horse at the 1908 London Olympics.
State-funded sport, like the NHS, has become something Britain can celebrate
By Stefan Szymanski - 15 August 13:31

The National Lottery has fundamentally altered the economics of sport in the UK.

New Statesman
Chart of the day: The "lucky" generation?
By Alex Hern - 13 August 15:34

People aged 18-24 have a less favourable view of older adults than most, it seems.

Recession deniers should shut up as down we continue to go
By David Blanchflower - 08 August 13:07

David Blanchflower makes the case for an immediate increase in public investment in building.

Standard Chartered accused of over $250bn of illegal transactions to Iran
By Alex Hern - 07 August 8:15

"You fucking Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians?"

NIESR forecast 0.5 per cent shrinkage in 2012
By Alex Hern - 03 August 11:48

Return to growth in 2013, but stagnation continues.

UK output to fall by 0.5 per cent in 2012
By New Statesman - 03 August 7:57

Weak demand will continue to suppress growth, according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

New Statesman
Chart of the day: GDP lower than at the election
By Alex Hern - 25 July 17:49

Today's disastrous GDP figures mean that the economy is now smaller than it was in the second quarter of 2010, when the coalition took over.

George Osborne
Today's GDP figures are the final nail in the coffin of Osborne's credibility
By David Blanchflower - 25 July 15:30

This was all so avoidable, and entirely predictable.

Britain is not bust. It is rich and could get even richer – here’s how
By Jonathan Portes - 25 July 15:15

We are not doomed to slow growth or indefinite fiscal austerity.

It's official: double dip continues into a third quarter as economy shrinks by 0.7 per cent
By Alex Hern - 25 July 9:32

Economy now smaller than when coalition took power

Who is the happiest in Britain?

The release of the data on Britain's wellbeing shows some interesting trends

People are trapped outside our labour market, and it's hurting our economy
By Philip Booth - 24 July 12:15

The IEA's Philip Booth examines how the economy is shrinking even with a strong labour market.

China's forward march continues with a 7.8 per cent rise in GDP
By New Statesman - 13 July 6:59

Investment in fixed assets rises by a fifth.

Bad numbers for UK construction
By Alex Hern - 03 July 14:43

Construction and manufacturing are both contracting in the UK

Monetary stimulus is much more fun when it buys you a holiday
By Alex Hern - 03 July 11:59

Why not use QE to give holiday vouchers to northern Europe? No, really, why not?

Olympics to boost the economy by £16.5bn
By New Statesman - 03 July 9:00

A welcome forecast from Lloyds and Oxford Economics, with the cost of Games construction at £11.9bn.

Who needs time travel when you have enterprise?
By Alexandra Jones - 21 June 15:27

The economy is back to where it was in 2006 - where do we go from here?

Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Mansion House speech last night.
Why Osborne's new lending scheme won't work
By George Eaton - 15 June 9:39

If consumers are determined to hoard cash, who will borrow?

If we want a new economy what we measure matters
By Juliet Michaelson - 14 June 9:29

Is a good country a rich one, or a happy one?