Exploitation in the UK food trade
By New Statesman - 15 May 7:28

New research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation reveals abusive practices endured by migrant worker

New Statesman
Almost two thirds of UK employers plan to hire in second quarter
By New Statesman - 14 May 9:13

The number of private and public sector firms planning redundancies has fallen, finds CIPD.

German apprentices at work
Youth unemployment: what can we learn from Europe?
By Katy Jones and Lizzie Crowley - 11 May 14:24

Germany and the Netherlands provide lessons, but we can't copy their approach wholesale.

Public sector strikes over pensions
By New Statesman - 10 May 8:01

A nationwide strike will protest controversial pension reforms.

New Statesman
99,000 City jobs lost during recession
By New Statesman - 09 May 13:56

Much of the jobs cull happened in the last six months, says Cebr

A child in the Gorton estate in Manchester
2020 job market projected to push poverty even higher
By Chris Goulden - 09 May 7:00

Tackling poverty means tackling the weak job market

Slowdown for the US employment rate
By New Statesman - 04 May 14:53

Just 115,000 new jobs added in April.

Unemployment in the UK will "do permanent damage" to economy
By New Statesman - 04 May 9:42

A think tank has said that unemployment will rise to 9 per cent this year.

Global employment not to recover until 2016, says ILO
By New Statesman - 30 April 10:05

A report says that unemployment will continue to rise.

A bacon sandwich.
Barry Sheerman's "small English rant"
By Daniel Trilling - 26 April 14:42

Why does a Labour MP think it is in the interests of his constituents to attack eastern Europeans?

Andrew Lansley
Lansley pushes for lower paid NHS staff in poorer areas
By Alex Hern - 22 April 11:08

Regional pay bargaining supported by internal Department of Health document.

A woman marches at Occupy Wall Street, with a sign condemning the 1%
Pay matters for normal employees, not CEOs
By Duncan Exley - 21 April 15:00

Good on Barclays and Citigroup, but we need to focus on the pay of all employees, not just those at

A building site in Lewisham
The one number that explains the employment situation
By Alex Hern - 18 April 15:58

5.6 people are chasing every one job. Without reducing this number, unemployment can never substanti

New Statesman
Mervyn King is a tyrant, but who will succeed him at the Bank?
By David Blanchflower - 18 April 14:44

It’s time for a heavyweight at the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street.

Boarded up shops wait for redevelopment in the Hanley Shopping Centre
Don’t get carried away with headline fall in unemployment
By Richard Darlington - 18 April 14:12

Subtantial progress may not come until 2013

No jobs recession for people aged over 50, says CIPD
By New Statesman - 18 April 11:55

Women have not performed well in traditionally feminised occupations.

Miss Dynamite and Charlie Simpson stand in line outside a job centre
Unemployment falls
By Alex Hern - 18 April 10:37

Unemployment down by 35,000, 0.1 percentage point, and employment rises by 53,000, also 0.1 point.

Chart of the day: Generation game
By Alex Hern - 18 April 8:25

Almost half of young people work in one employment sector.

A man waits outside a job centre
Work experience works
By Alex Hern - 17 April 12:31

New research by NIESR/DWP shows the positive effect of the government's work experience programme.

New Statesman
Black unemployment in the UK higher than the US
By George Eaton - 13 April 8:42

Black unemployment in the UK has been higher in the last three recessions.

We may not be getting more productive, but there's an upside to that. (Getty)
Every silver lining has a cloud
By Alex Hern - 11 April 11:49

In economics, there's nothing fully good.

Work experience aids success
By New Statesman - 11 April 10:48

Schools should organise better placements, says Ofsted

UK unemployment will get worse before it gets better
By Richard Darlington - 10 April 11:32

Without targeted action, the UK will suffer.

Chart of the day: US unemployment down, UK not so hot
By New Statesman - 10 April 7:19

Although the employment data for the US was weaker than hoped, it was still better than the UK.

Yahoo to cut 2,000 jobs
Yahoo to cut 2,000 jobs
By Andrew McIntyre - 05 April 17:03

Layoffs are the first under internet company's new boss.

Chart of the day: European youth unemployment
By Alex Hern - 05 April 14:29

Youth unemployment is at 50 per cent in two European nations.

We need to focus on good apprenticeships
By Neil Lee - 05 April 12:22

Expanding provision should not be at the expense of quality.