Workfare goes underground as Holland and Barrett pull out
By Alex Hern - 07 July 12:04

DWP pitches for small businesses instead

US unemployment stagnates at 8.2 per cent
By Josh Mahir - 06 July 15:46

80,000 new jobs for June

Gunning for Fixit
By Alex Hern - 06 July 15:33

Will Finland be the first country to leave the Euro?

New Statesman
Older workers are hit hard by long-term unemployment
By Alex Hern - 06 July 11:30

Being unemployed when you're young is bad. Being unemployed when you're over 50 sucks.

European employment index rises 1 per cent in June
By New Statesman - 06 July 7:29

The UK index, however, remains static.

David Cameron wants to ban Greeks from Britain. What would Shirley Valentine think?
By Alex Andreou - 05 July 14:41

While more than a million Britons live in the EU, Cameron's immigrant-bashing rhetoric rings hollow.

Apple Store employees dance in Rome
Apple Store workers earn about the same as other retail workers
By Alex Hern - 25 June 12:31

The New York Times is shocked at the travesty of paying workers well above the minimum wage and competing stores.

The McJob index
By Alex Hern - 22 June 12:15

See one McDonalds, you've seen them all, and that's useful to economists

Unemployment down, but where's the growth?
By Alex Hern - 20 June 10:31

More people are in work, but things aren't necessarily better

Want to reduce the benefits bill? Encourage strikes
By Alex Hern - 18 June 13:21

The Government should be helping strikers if they want to save money on tax credits.

Self-management skills lacking among UK school leavers
By New Statesman - 11 June 6:49

Anxiety among employers, with demand for leadership skills set to rise over the next five years.

New Statesman
UK employment index up 1 per cent in April
By New Statesman - 01 June 11:32

Nine of the 21 industry sectors register annual employment growth.

Do IPOs create jobs?
By Alex Hern - 30 May 17:03

1.9 million jobs lost to the slump in IPOs over the last decade, according to a new report

Job satisfaction levels high in London.
By New Statesman - 29 May 7:30

SME employees in the UK to remain optimistic in 2012.

New Statesman
Young people need far more than this new StartUp scheme
By Nancy Kelley - 28 May 17:26

Why the government's small loans are hardly the answer to mass youth unemployment.

Print (on a) screen
By Alex Hern - 25 May 16:06

Via The Atlantic, the revelation that under-40s don't differ too much from over-40s in not really wanting their tablet journalism cluttered with too many oddities.

New Statesman
Why isn't male unemployment an issue?
By Alex Hern - 25 May 11:17

The last time the male unemployment rate was lower than female was September 1980. Ever since then, men have been more likely to be unemployed than women. At times, like in the boom of the late 1980s, the difference was small -- just 0.1 percentage point between them.

New Statesman
Being NEET is no fun at all
By Richard Darlington - 24 May 15:12

954,000 young people are not in education, employment or training

New Statesman
Immigration missing government target
By New Statesman - 24 May 11:52

Citizens from non-EU countries continue to be the largest group of migrants to the country.

New Statesman
More young people than ever struggling to move from education into work
By New Statesman - 23 May 13:04

New study finds that nearly half of NEETs in England now have no experience of sustained paid employ

The surprising truth about the pay gap
By Alex Hern - 23 May 10:27

Is it all about babies?

CIPD aims to help young people break the vicious circle of worklessness.
CIPD launches campaign for the young and workless
By New Statesman - 21 May 10:05

New research reveals that almost three in ten employers did not recruit a single young person in 201

Rita Manso, 26, part-time worker and student, serves cocktails
Underemployment: the UK’s response to economic weakness
By Tony Dolphin - 18 May 14:00

Why is the UK suffering an underemployment crisis?

Helicopter landing
Helicopter parenting: 3% of recent US graduates' parents sat in on job interviews
By Alex Hern - 17 May 13:18

61 per cent expect a high salary, but only 33 per cent think they have high expectations

New Statesman
Fraud levels in contracted employment programmes are low, says NAO
By New Statesman - 16 May 17:12

New report finds that DWP’s past assessment of the risk of fraud at A4e missed vital evidence.

A McDonalds recruitment leaflet.
Unemployment drops second month running
By Alex Hern - 16 May 11:00

Underemployment carries on rising

David Cameron and Ed Miliband walk with MPs near parliament.
MPs warn of the risks of the £5bn Work Programme
By New Statesman - 15 May 10:31

The public accounts committee says that contractors may "cherry-pick" individuals who need little su