Putin is in international disgrace - the west must make him feel it
Any financial loss to Britain mustn’t obscure the aim of sanctions on Russia
By Robert Macquarie - 04 August 13:19

The cost of recent economic sanctions will be felt in the west, but it’s a cost we can – and should – withstand. 

The Gezi Park protests drew millions on to the streets of Turkey's cities. Photo: Getty
Rise (and fall) of “the rest”: what China, India, Brazil and Turkey tell us about the world today
By Ian Bremmer - 04 July 11:15

Given that developing countries face vastly different challenges with vastly different capacities to respond, we must stop thinking of them as members of a single club.

The last thing we need is oligarchs’ money flooding into Britain
By Felix Martin - 29 May 10:00

Felix Martin explores the question of Russian capital flight to London.

Russia: an overview
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Russia: gross domestic product
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Russia: unemployment
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