The Gezi Park protests drew millions on to the streets of Turkey's cities. Photo: Getty
Rise (and fall) of “the rest”: what China, India, Brazil and Turkey tell us about the world today
By Ian Bremmer - 04 July 11:15

Given that developing countries face vastly different challenges with vastly different capacities to respond, we must stop thinking of them as members of a single club.

A protest against Foreign Direct Investment
India's Pandora’s Box is now being opened
By Priya Virmani - 19 September 11:01

Foreign Direct Investment will help some of India, but won't correct growing inequalities.

India: an overview
By New Statesman - 08 March 14:50


Percentage of total population either living in rural or urban areas
By NS Admin - 17 November 17:52

This graph highlights the urbanization seen in India since 1960. The large rural population reflects India’s traditional agrarian based industry. But from 1960 – 2010 we see the percentage of the total living in rural areas decrease from 82.1 per cent to 69.9 per cent.

India: debt
By NS Admin - 17 November 17:51

This graph indicates the level of central government dept as a percentage of GDP. From 1996, where the debt was 46.26 per cent, we see the level peak in 2002 at 63.52 per cent. We then see a continuous decline on a yearly basis, until it reaches 53.05 per cent in 2009.

Inflation, consumer prices (annual %), India
By NS Admin - 17 November 17:49

This graph reflects the annual percentage change to the price of products and services.

Annual percentage rise in Gross Domestic Product
By NS Admin - 17 November 17:41

This graph indicates the yearly percentage GDP rise since 1991, when India adopted free market principles aimed at liberalizing its economy.