Chart of the day: (nearly all the) jobs in London

Centre for Cities provide us with today's chart of the day, showing the difference between the employment situation in London and elsewhere. Is it, as many have suspected, due to the Olympics? Actually, probably not, as Margarida Madaleno explained this morning:

Temporary employment in the capital has seen a 4.2 per cent yearly decrease; a figure that would seemingly contradict the notion that the buoyancy of the labour market is fleeting. At a national level, temporary workers as a percentage of total employed labour force has remained largely unchanged at 6.3 per cent for the past two years. This may suggest that the April-June 2012 figures are unaffected by the previous (infrastructure) and future (Games-related services) demand for temporary work. While the short-term employment impact of the Olympics is undeniable, truly illustrative figures are yet to come.

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