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UK employment index up 1 per cent in April

Nine of the 21 industry sectors register annual employment growth.

The Monster Employment Index UK – which provides monthly insight into online job posting activity across the country – reached 140 points in April 2012, an increase of one per cent compared to 138 points for the same period last year.

By industry, public Sector, defence, community grew 18 percent during April, lifted by volunteer and part time workers. Information technology, hospitality and tourism, engineering registered a growth of 12 per cent, 11 per cent, and 13 per cent respectively.

However, decline in recruitment activity was seen in industries like legal (down 9 percent), management and consulting (down 9 per cent) and arts, entertainment, sports, leisure (down 10 per cent).

By geographic region, online job opportunities continue to grow in the Midlands, while London experienced a slight decline.

Julian Acquari, managing director of Monster UK & Ireland, said:

The Midlands continues to exhibit the most growth in the UK, which is very positive news for people in the area. On the other side of the coin, as the UK economy returns to recession it’s not surprising to see London experience a slight decline in online job opportunities. However it is not all doom and gloom for those living in the capital - or indeed the rest of the UK. There is growth across a wide range of sectors including IT, engineering and hospitality.

By occupation, plant and machine operators and assemblers group registered growth of 11 per cent in April, professionals up 2 per cent, technicians and associate professionals up 1 per cent, and elementary occupations group declined 27 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Monster Employment Index Europe demonstrated a year-over-year growth of 6 per cent in April, compared to the 8 per cent previous month.