Terrifying bipedal robot walks, climbs, dances to EDM

Meet ATLAS, source of your eventual doom.

Continuing our infrequent series of terrifying robots which will surely enslave us all, here's a terrifying robot which will surely enslave us all:

ATLAS is just the latest creation of Boston Dynamics, the robot farm which also created the Cheetah, a quadrupedal robot which can run faster than Usain Bolt:

The sand flea, a wheeled robot which can jump 30 feet in the air:

And the BigDog, a deer-sized quadruped which can walk on ice, run, climb uneven terrain and throw cinderblocks at head height 17 feet away:

If it's not clear, these people will kill us all, and their robots will feast on the trace metals in our charred remains.

Alex Hern is a technology reporter for the Guardian. He was formerly staff writer at the New Statesman. You should follow Alex on Twitter.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images
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What did Jeremy Corbyn really say about Bin Laden?

He's been critiqued for calling Bin Laden's death a "tragedy". But what did Jeremy Corbyn really say?

Jeremy Corbyn is under fire for describing Bin Laden’s death as a “tragedy” in the Sun, but what did the Labour leadership frontrunner really say?

In remarks made to Press TV, the state-backed Iranian broadcaster, the Islington North MP said:

“This was an assassination attempt, and is yet another tragedy, upon a tragedy, upon a tragedy. The World Trade Center was a tragedy, the attack on Afghanistan was a tragedy, the war in Iraq was a tragedy. Tens of thousands of people have died.”

He also added that it was his preference that Osama Bin Laden be put on trial, a view shared by, among other people, Barack Obama and Boris Johnson.

Although Andy Burnham, one of Corbyn’s rivals for the leadership, will later today claim that “there is everything to play for” in the contest, with “tens of thousands still to vote”, the row is unlikely to harm Corbyn’s chances of becoming Labour leader. 

Stephen Bush is editor of the Staggers, the New Statesman’s political blog.