People are trapped outside our labour market, and it's hurting our economy
By Philip Booth - 24 July 12:15

The IEA's Philip Booth examines how the economy is shrinking even with a strong labour market.

Vouchers: a third way for financing political parties
By Alex Hern - 23 July 15:15

You got your public funding in my private donations! No, you got your private donations in my public funding!

Misaligned incentives in the Australian immigration system, or: moving to jail
By Alex Hern - 23 July 13:45

Mandatory sentencing isn't so scary if you would quite like jail

How do you pay $41m in taxes on a painting which can't be sold?
By Alex Hern - 23 July 12:06

The value of a painting is how much you can sell it for. But Robert Rauschenberg's "Canyon" is illegal to sell, leaving the Sonnabend estate in a pickle.

IMF: “A plague on both your houses”
By Ian Mulheirn - 20 July 16:59

Funded stimulus will take real political leadership to pull off.

Old albums are now outselling new ones. Do we need protectionism against the past?
By Alex Hern - 20 July 13:02

Long copyright terms may not reward the artist, but they make sure that people buy works by new musicians

Ethics in the workplace: why bad business is bad for business
By Alex Hern - 20 July 9:32

Focusing on just profit and loss makes the business environment worse for all concerned

How can you have growing employment and a shrinking economy?
By Tony Dolphin - 20 July 8:39

Underemployment: the UK’s response to economic weakness

We knew the euro was a bad idea in 1961. What went wrong?
By Dom Boyle - 20 July 8:18

The eurozone is emphatically not an optimal currency area.

There are not 120,000 "troubled families"
By Alex Hern - 18 July 11:45

This zombie statistic refuses to die.

"The opposite of a sovereign debt crisis"
By Alex Hern - 17 July 15:37

Being paid to look after money isn't what governments ought to be doing.

A vampire squid.
Goldman Sachs steps back from casino banking
By Alex Hern - 17 July 11:52

The Vampire Squid launches a private bank for wealthy clients

Marissa Mayer, Google's 20th employee, becomes Yahoo!'s new CEO
By Alex Hern - 17 July 8:41

A move up and out for Google's star

The Telegraph and Mail should stop buying DWP briefings hook, line and sinker
By Declan Gaffney - 16 July 15:38

People leave housing benefit all the time, but the DWP managed to turn no news into good news

How to set Libor in a post-Barclays age
By Alex Hern - 16 July 11:27

Time for the banks to have some skin in the game

Move your money: We need new models of banking, not just new banks
By Louis Brooke - 13 July 13:50

Introducing "competition" to banking won't work if it's just Tesco Bank taking over

New Statesman
If Wonga are trying to muscle in to the business market, we need a British Investment Bank more than ever
By Carl Packman - 12 July 18:03

Payday lenders, not content with squeezing individuals, are now going after businesses too.

Growing cities: invest now or pay later
By Naomi Clayton - 12 July 17:24

Towns which were doing well in 1901 are still the best now; lack of progress is hard to turn around.

Bank of Dave: Money to Burnley
By Stephen Clarke - 12 July 16:37

What can we learn from one man's attempts to set up a bank of his own?

If Labour cares so much about the price of milk, why doesn't it join with dairy farmers?
By Rowenna Davis - 12 July 16:19

Milk has been over the news recently, but there's a silence on the left over the plight of its creators.

Spelman's flood insurance is the UK's Obamacare
By Alex Hern - 12 July 13:02

Just wetter. And less controversial. Much like Britain.

Our over-reliance on imports is harming the recovery
By Spencer Thompson - 12 July 11:00

It is new markets, not existing ones, that are key to securing long-term economic growth for the UK

Give cities more power over their destiny
By Joe Manning - 12 July 10:59

The new City Deals are a step in the right direction

The Bank of England wanted to buy bicycles in case of societal collapse
By Alex Hern - 11 July 13:57

A dozen bicycles were proposed to let the directors travel around if civilization had fallen

Trade unions: No room for romance
By Dom Boyle - 11 July 10:52

Economists don't dominate British politics. In fact, they aren't listened to enough.

Boom in the gloom for capital goods
By Simon Briscoe - 10 July 17:33

Amidst stagnation, there's one ray of hope

Defense contracting is deeply weird
By Alex Hern - 10 July 13:06

A $0.5bn golden goodbye is nice to have for anyone.