Unemployment is still too high – so why don't people care?
By Declan Gaffney - 15 November 15:37

Unemployment of 7.8% ought to have people in the streets. Yet the only thing we hear is a collective sigh of indifference.

What if the tax and benefits system already rewards marriage?
By Gordon Hector - 14 November 16:32

If you want the system to incentivise staying together, then relax.

Five questions answered on… the fall in UK unemployment
By Heidi Vella - 14 November 15:10

Unemployment is at its lowest number for over a year. We answer five questions on the falling unemployment rates.

A statistical trick which reveals whether MPs are lying about expenses
By Alex Hern - 14 November 11:48

Benford's law has many uses. Can it trip up MPs?

New Statesman
Business quote of the day: long-term unemployment
By Helen Roxburgh - 14 November 10:44

We still need to tackle long-term unemployment.                                  

Making sure the green shoots don’t wither away
By Scott Barnes - 13 November 12:19

The UK may be in recovery, writes Scott Barnes, but how can we keep it that way?

Inflation rises by half a per cent
By Alex Hern - 13 November 9:40

CPI now stands at 2.7 per cent.

IEA: USA to become world's biggest oil producer
By Alex Hern - 12 November 15:45

What does this mean for American renewables?

New Statesman
Rolling Jubilee: can a crowdsourced bailout of personal debt work?
By Alex Hern - 09 November 14:29

A new spin-off of Occupy Wall Street wants to cancel debt. Can it?

Volatility is the next big debate in energy policy
By Alex Hern - 09 November 9:28

Unstable prices, cultures, and companies all breed uncertainty in an area of our lives where we need reliability.

The fiscal cliff isn't scary except to republicans
The fiscal cliff isn't scary to anyone but Republicans
By Alex Hern - 08 November 13:17

Taxmageddon could be a blessing in disguise.

Apple pays non-US income taxes of just 2 per cent
By Alex Hern - 05 November 8:20

The company is likely awaiting a "repatriation tax holiday".

Fearing the brown envelope: sickness benefits and welfare reform
By Kayleigh Garthwaite - 02 November 15:34

"I try not to read about it cos it’s so frightening."

Sandy cost the US $50bn, could have been averted for $15bn
By Alex Hern - 02 November 13:12

Prevention is better than cure.

New Statesman
171,000 new jobs provides mild boost to Obama
By Alex Hern - 02 November 12:46

Unemployment rate up 0.1%

Congressional report finds higher tax rates don't hurt growth, so Republican party has it pulled
By Alex Hern - 02 November 11:49

"Changes in the top marginal tax rate do not appear correlated with growth."

Bloomberg brooks no dissent.
Bloomberg: "It's global warming, stupid"
By Alex Hern - 02 November 10:27

"Now we have weather on steroids."

Telegraph institutes paywall overseas
By Alex Hern - 01 November 15:49

Is the paper abdicating US growth in favour of a quick buck?

The government has lost the economic argument around immigration
By Alex Hern - 01 November 11:04

It now straddles two contradictory claims.

Capitol Hill
The "Fiscal Cliff" would drag America into certain recession
By Alex Ward - 31 October 17:52

Congress must overcome its partisan rifts.

Being unable to buy elections isn't a bug, it's a feature
By Alex Hern - 31 October 17:24

"Markets in everything" can be taken too far.

The left-wing case for a flexible labour market
By Gillian Econopouly - 31 October 15:44

Labour market flexibility, if harnessed properly, can be a force for individual and collective good, says Gillian Econopouly.

GP: "It is too difficult for ill people to claim benefits"
By Alex Hern - 31 October 13:09

"The government withholding funds from sick and needy people through a bureaucratic claim system."

First vertical farm opens in Singapore
By Alex Hern - 30 October 16:28

Nine stories of greens.

The living wage and tax
By Alex Hern - 30 October 12:35

Does the living wage provide an argument for ending tax on the lowest paid?

Employee ownership organisation rejects "employee-owner" plans
By Alex Hern - 30 October 10:49

"There is no need to dilute the rights of workers in order to grow employee ownership."

Eurozone retail PMI shows contraction for 12th month running
By Alex Hern - 30 October 10:16

Europe isn't out of the storm yet.

Bad news for Hollande as austerity bites
By Alex Hern - 29 October 13:17

Hollande's focus on cutting deficits with revenues hasn't saved him from the downsides.