Will the MINT countries become the best place in the world to become a millionaire?
By Oliver Williams - 24 January 17:32

Economist Jim O'Neil has grouped Mexico, India, Nigeria and Turkey together as the economies most likely to explode over the next decade. But there are lessons to be learned from the BRICs - a rising tide does not lift all boats.

Alistair Darling.
Pegging electoral success to the economy is a risky business - as Alex Salmond is finding out
By Stewart Cowley - 21 January 15:16

The emotive, victory-clutching style of the Yes campaign is at risk of floundering before the cool, hard realities presented by the UK Treasury.

Elvetham Heath.
Five questions answered on the rise in UK home sales
By Heidi Vella - 17 January 18:00

Is this trend set to continue?

The sale of oil and gas has been highly lucrative for Norway - but should it continue?
By Ruby Lott-Lavigna - 17 January 17:41

The Scandinavian giant has kept itself afloat amid economic turbulence with a steady flow of natural resources - but is this nature-loving nation prepared to promote growth at all costs?

Janet Yellen.
What Janet Yellen and Mark Carney could learn from macroeconomist Hyman Minsky
By Stewart Cowley - 08 January 12:16

Gordon Brown, as Chancellor in the UK, and the Federal Reserve’s Alan Greenspan, notably, violated Minsky’s ideas - what will the new twin peaks of global finance do differently?

Our economy would benefit from sending students to study abroad
By Luis Juste - 03 January 15:31

Britain reaps the benefits of welcoming overseas students to study in the UK - but internationalism works both ways. We should also be enabling UK students to study abroad.

Labour challenges Cameron's Help to Buy boasts with call for more housebuilding
By George Eaton - 02 January 8:41

While the PM hails figures showing 750 homes have already been bought under the scheme, Labour remains focused on increasing building from its post-war low.

The UK won't become Europe's biggest economy if we slash immigration
By George Eaton - 26 December 12:24

The Tories are hailing the UK's projected growth while promoting policies that would strangle it.

We are re-living a traditional Victorian Christmas – of excess for the few and struggle for the many
By Duncan Exley - 23 December 16:00

The rich are getting richer to an extent that is breaking our society – and our economy – apart.

Why it’s misguided to treat the eurozone crisis as a morality tale about “lazy” southerners
By Mehdi Hasan - 09 December 14:19

As southern European countries rack up record debts, Helmut Kohl has told friends “Merkel is destroying my Europe”.

Do economists ever get it right?
By George Economides and Thomas Moutos - 08 December 8:46

There is one example when they did . . .

George Osborne's Autumn Statement: 10 things to look out for
By George Eaton - 05 December 9:19

Including, when will living standards start to rise, will there be new money for the NHS and how much more austerity is Osborne planning?

George Osborne.
Osborne and Carney should enjoy their day in the sun
By Nick Beecroft - 04 December 12:59

The UK fast becoming a stand-out developed economy performer. Growth is heading into 2014 at a healthy 3 to 4 per cent, even in the face of Osborne’s austerity.

The Tube.
A 24-hour Tube service is a great idea - but more can be done to improve London's infrastructure
By Alexander Jan - 26 November 17:09

Improvements to Tube are badly needed. Official projections show London’s population is growing by 2,000 every eight days. Getting more out of our existing infrastructure is essential to keeping London competitive and keeping its economy thriving.

Ed Balls's speech on housebuilding: full text
By Ed Balls - 21 November 13:39

"Britain simply won’t be able to tackle the cost-of-living crisis that we currently face – or build the strong economy that we need to take us to a more prosperous future – unless we build more homes."

Rich people are not over-taxed - they just have all the money
By Jonn Elledge - 20 November 14:52

The tax burden on high-earning individuals has gone up not because politicians have been taking them for all that they’ve got, but because they’re the ones earning all the money in the first place.

Bank of England.
Bank of England forecasts move more than credibility demands
By Nick Beecroft - 20 November 11:58

The Bank is still underestimating the strength of the recovery - and its latest report, puzzlingly, contained large changes to its expectations for both unemployment and inflation.

The success of the state-run East Coast Main Line.
Rail privatisation has failed on every count - but there is an alternative
By Val Shawcross - 05 November 10:07

The success of the state-run East Coast Main Line proves it's time to bring the other rail franchises under public control.

Britain’s economy is now beholden to big finance
The financialisation of everyday life must be confronted
By Costas Lapavitsas - 01 November 11:02

Unless we can reverse this financialisation and create a healthier basis for growth, the prospects for working people look grim.

Coalition in good policy shock: Getting empty homes back on the market
By Jonn Elledge - 25 October 13:30

Last year, there were more than 700,000 homes in England standing empty. Finally, something is being done about it.

New Statesman
Robo-trading: the superfast stockbroking strategy that affects your retirement funds
By Simon Chapman - 24 October 15:01

Advocates of HFT argue that it provides additional liquidity and so narrows the gap between buying and selling prices. Yet when market conditions turn adverse, HFT firms can switch off their robo-traders and then liquidity vanishes – as we saw in the “fla

Borrowing figures show how Osborne allowed thousands to avoid 50p tax rate
By George Eaton - 22 October 16:10

The spike in tax receipts was caused by individuals deferring income and bonuses to benefit from the new 45p rate, not a surge in earnings.

The damage of Osborne's cap on benefit increases is now clear
By Lindsay Judge - 17 October 11:56

The new inflation figures show that it is under-indexation that will drive up child poverty rates inexorably.

New Statesman
The financial sector isn't the powerhouse of the UK economy. It's more like a Wendy house
By Simon Chouffot - 14 October 10:18

HMRC figures show a drastic reduction in Corporation Tax contributions since the financial crash – on average just £3.3billion a year, even when the paltry Bank Levy is included. To put this in context, the finance sector shelled out £14 billion in bonuse

New Statesman
The feminist case for a shorter working week
By Anna Coote - 18 September 12:01

Our working week is a relic of another time when women were expected to stay in the home. We have to change that.

New Statesman
What's so bad about fried chicken shops in Seoul and London?
By Sophie McBain - 18 September 10:54

Policy-makers in London and South Korea want to crack down on fried chicken shops, but for two very different reasons

Mark Carney: spending cuts have been "a drag on growth"
By George Eaton - 12 September 13:54

The Bank of England governor tells MPs what George Osborne doesn't want you to hear.