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Cameron announces crackdown on internet porn

Parents will soon be able to control their children's online activities.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a plan to crackdown on internet porn, to allow parents to control their childrens' access to websites showing explicit content.

As part of the plan, customers can specify whether they want access to explicit content at the time of their internet subscription. The service providers BT, Virgin, Sky and Talk Talk will offer the porn-protection software for web devices including computers and mobile phones.

Cameron said that the government also plans to launch a website called Parentport, which parents can use to complain about sites that offer sexual content in the form of videos, games or advertising.

In an attempt to halt the commercialisation and early sexualisation of children, Cameron said that he would also support a bill to ban explicit images near schools.

The new measures follow the recommendation of the Bailey report, which was drawn up by the Christian charity, Mothers' Union. The report argued that parents were concerned about the sexualised surroundings which their children grew up in, and their inability to control these influences.

Media organisations have expressed concern that the censorship of online content could move towards general censorship.