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Publishers fight 'damaging' new fees for online video

Transfer of regulation of video-on-demand sector could cost businesses thousands.

Newspaper and magazine publishers face paying thousands of pounds in fees if they continue using video content on their websites, industry groups have warned.

The dispute follows a decision to transfer regulation of the video-on-demand sector from Ofcom to the Authority for Television On-Demand (ATVOD).

ATVOD has ruled that short video clips on publishers' websites provide a "TV-like" service.

This means publishers must register with ATVOD and pay an annual fee - a ruling strongly opposed by the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) and the Newspaper Society. While last year's annual fee was £2,900, the PPA claims that, depending on company turnover, that figure could rise to as much as £25,000.

PPA chief executive Barry McIlheney said: "Essentially the disproportionate regulatory fees being charged by ATVOD are damaging innovative digital businesses and putting them at a disadvantage compared to their European counterparts."

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