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New York Times to charge for website access

The newspaper will charge for access to its website globally as of March 28

The New York Times announced it will start charging for access to its website all over the world, from 28 March.

Canadian users are the first to experience these measures, with a paywall going up in the country last Thursday so that the scheme could be could "fine tuned" before launching in North America.

The NYT has been talking about setting a similar mechanism for over a year, but has been exploring the possibility of a system which would preserve its readership.

The American daily's website is the most visited journalistic site in the world. Under the new scheme, it will set up three types of subscription, with prices ranging from $15 (£9.20) to $35 (£21.60). A $15 subscription will grant access to to the website and to its smartphone application, $20 (£12.3) will allow users to access the site and its tablet applications and $35 will permit readers to access the website on all devises.

Customers paying a home delivery subscription will be granted free access to the newspaper's website.

However, occasional readers will still have access to twenty monthly articles for free, as well as the the "Top News" section, which will be free on smartphones and tablets. Articles found through searches or embedded in social media will also remain available free of charge for all users, even if they have already used their twenty article allowance.

Chairman of The New York Times Company, Arthur Sulzberger, claimed this was "significant transition for the Times", adding that this decision would result in the "strengthening" of the paper's "ability to continue to invest in the journalism and digital innovation on which our readers have come to depend.