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Twitter auction launched for Comic Relief

Famous faces offer 'follows' and prizes on social networking website.

Some of Twitter's most prominent celebrities, including Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry and Piers Morgan, are set to auction off 'follows' in aid of Comic Relief.

From 10 March to 20 March, famous users will become a follower of whoever bids the highest amount on the social networking site, with the money raised going to the charity.

The event, dubbed 'Twitrelief,' will also see some celebrities offer extra prizes to the highest bidders, including an invitation to Bill Nighy's latest film première and an opportunity to watch Ruby Wax at her next Botox session.

Bill Nighy, along with Thandie Newton and Richard Curtis, have signed up to Twitter especially for the auction. The user that bids the highest amount will be the only members of the website that they will follow.

The auctions will take place on the eBay website, which celebrities will link to on their Twitter pages.

Red Nose Day 2011 is set to take place on 18 March.