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YouTube extends allowed video duration for select users

Users who have played by the rules of the site's "community guidelines" will be allowed to upload lo

YouTube announced on Thursday that it is extending video duration "a bit longer" for select users.

Users who have a history of complying with the YouTube Community Guidelines and copyright rules can upload videos whose duration is more than YouTube's 15-minute limit. However, the video-sharing site did not specify the exact time limit.

In a blog post, YouTube said, "As long as it's your original content, it's fair game regardless of length."

This is the second time this year that the video-sharing site has changed its length requirements. In July, the site gave users an extra five minutes, allowing videos that were a maximum of 15 minutes long.

Analysts speculated that YouTube is looking to compete with video sites such as Hulu by allowing viewers to watch half-hour and hour-long TV shows.