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One-fifth of UK iPad owners have more than one tablet device

But report does not reveal how many chose to buy an additional iPad or a competitor

Almost one in every five iPad owners in the UK have more than one such tablet device, a YouGov UK Tablet Track study revealed.

About 17 per cent of Apple iPad owners claimed that there was more than one tablet in their household, either owned by themselves or another family member, the survey conducted on 802 tablet device owners added.

Nearly 37 per cent - about one-third - of Apple iPad owners stated that their partners used their iPad.

The user-friendly features of the Apple's tablet device are making people purchase and share the device with other members of the family, the report said.

Nearly one-fifth of all tablet owners (19 per cent) said that they are planning to buy another tablet in the future.

The report did not reveal whether those who bought a second tablet chose an additional iPad or a tablet device of another brand.