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Google relaunches voice recognition search on Android phones

Hands-free service lets people speak search terms instead of tapping them into the phone's search en

Google on Wednesday relaunched its personalised voice recognition application, Voice Search, which helps mobile phones to start searching the internet when the user speaks the word into the phone.

The search company originally launched Voice Search over two years ago. The hands-free service lets people speak the search terms they are looking for instead of tapping them into the phone's search engine.

However, users have often complained that the translations were not accurate. Google said it has now fixed up the problems and that the new application can comprehend the unique accent and speech patterns in the user's voice.

Soon after users opt into the service, Google will start building a speech model that is unique to the user, linking their personal speech model to their Google Account.

The feature is currently only available for English for Android phone users in the US. Other languages and countries are expected to be included in the near future.

The updated Voice Search app can be downloaded from Google's Android Market.