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“Hit me Up” is 2010’s most popular Facebook status update

By the year end, "HMU" was featured in 1,600 posts per day

HMU or short for "hit me up" was among the fastest-growing status updates on Facebook this year, according to the social networking site's second annual list of the popular status trends of 2010.

Hit me up is online slang for "connect with me" where the user asks others to call, text or meet them up.

The acronym HMU, registered last year, averaged about 20 posts per day in May 2009. The number swelled by about 75 per cent each month, reaching about 80,000 mentions per day by the end of August. It dropped off marginally in September and picked up on the weekends.

By the year end, the figure touched 1,600 posts per day. Natural disasters also featured on top of the list of status updates, Facebook wrote in a blog post.

Interestingly, Facebook users mentioned about "2011" even as 2010 dawned, as most people made more and more plans for the coming year, Facebook added.