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Facebook to add 100 jobs in Dublin

Company currently has 200 employees at its Dublin base so with new additions, staff strength will in

Facebook is increasing staff to its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Ireland's capital Dublin by one-third over the next year, a spokeswoman for the social networking site announced on Tuesday.

The company currently has 200 employees at its Dublin base. With the addition of the new staff, the staff strength will increase to 300.

Facebook's Dublin employees currently work in advertising, sales, finances, HR, user operations and development. New positions will be created across these areas over the coming 12 months, the Irish Times report added.

Facebook opened its office in Dublin in 2008 with a staff of 70, which later grew to 200.

The social networking site, which has recently revamped several of its features, is reportedly gearing up to face competition from search engine Google which is planning a rival social site on the lines of Facebook.