Bing offers free songs as latest marketing strategy

Search engines offers a "Holiday Song Giveaway" to users who subscribe to its newsletters.

Microsoft Bing has come up with a 'Holiday Song Giveaway' offer for users who subscribe to Bing newsletters with each participant being offered one free song to download from Amazon.

Up to the 500,000 limit, each user can download one track with a maximum value of $1.29 through their Amazon account. Surprisingly, the songs are being offered through Amazon MP3 and not Microsoft's own Zune Marketplace.

On signing up for a Bing newsletter, users will be emailed a personal song code and instructions on how to redeem it. The last date for redeeming the song codes is 24 January.

Such promotional offers are not uncommon from Microsoft as earlier Bing gave cashbacks, where Microsoft paid for discounts on devices and other products bought after a Bing search.

However, these marketing strategies have not paid off as Bing is still far behind Google and Yahoo in the number of users.