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Yahoo's new search service gives data about popular keywords

New feature is compared to Google Trends

Yahoo on Tuesday launched Yahoo Clues, a search service that provides users with data on popular search terms.

The beta Yahoo Clues is available on the search results page and on Users can enter a specific search term in the search bar or check out a list of popular Yahoo search terms, Yahoo added.

The data shows how many of a particular gender, age group or social strata have searched for the keyword. A 100-point scale shows the timeframe during which the keyword was searched the most and the least times while a map shows where the greatest concentrations of searches originated.

Yahoo used the TV talent show "Dancing with the Stars" to demonstrate its search feature. The keyword data shows that two-thirds of the searchers are women and another two-thirds are over the age of 45.

People aged between 25 and 35 years are most likely to search for information on specific contestants, while those over 65 wanted information about voting and how to find results about eliminations, Yahoo said in its company blog.

The new feature, which also displays comparison charts between two things, is being compared to Google Trends launched in 2008.