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Most Facebook activities follow gender lines

Women show greater tendency to engage in personal communication than men

Most online activities on Facebook follow traditional psychological and physiological gender roles, a study released this week from the University of Texas revealed.

About 62.8 per cent of women are more likely to post comments and "likes" to their profile than men (55.6 per cent), suggesting that women show a greater tendency to engage in personal communication.

Women are also more likely to share more pictures with men. The photos men share reflect hobbies and landscapes.

However, men are more likely to post notes or links on a group's wall and to participate in a discussion board frequently than women.

The two genders also manage personal data differently. While both are likely to share relationship status updates and movies and books, men are more likely to share their views on religion.

The study examined the online priorities of men and women, how they rely on the social networking site to connect with family and friends, to share social, religious and political values and views.