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Israel uses Facebook to identify 1000 women who dodged military service

Social networking site used to find evidence against women lying to avoid conscription

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that Facebook has helped the army identify around 1,000 women who lied about their religious background to avoid serving in the army, the Washington Post reported.

Israel, which makes it compulsory for women to enrol in the armed forces, exempts religiously observant Jewish women from the service.

Investigators hired by the army used the social networking site to find evidence against women lying to avoid conscription.

A military official said on Monday that one woman who said she was a religious Jew posted a photo of herself on Facebook holding a menu from a non-kosher restaurant. The Jewish dietary laws restrict them from eating food from a non-kosher restaurant.

Another user had updated her profile on the Sabbath, a day on which writing is banned according to the Jewish religious tenets.

Both were brought back to duty.