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News of the World suffers 40 per cent drop in visitors after paywall

Tabloid website drops from having 1.56 million unique visitors to 0.96 in October

UK Sunday tabloid News of the World (NoW) suffered a 40 per cent drop in visitor numbers since introducing its paywall in October, according to the latest report by market research firm comScore.

It had around 1.56 million unique visitors in September, but the number fell to 0.96 million in October, closer to its October 2009 figure of 1.04 million.

The average number of page views in November 2009 was 24, and reached its lowest point in October 2010 when visitors viewed an average of just eight pages per visit.

The number of minutes readers spent on the site over the last 12 months has remained steady, between six and nine minutes. However, this figure also reached its lowest point last month, at just 5.1 minutes.

In comparison, NoW's Sunday sister publication The Sun's visitors number has remained steady over the last year, with around 4.5 million unique visitors every month and an average of 12-13 minutes' dwell time. Visitors viewed 97 million pages, an average of 24 per visitor.