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MySpace allies with Facebook for automatic updates

MySpace users to gain Facebook features such as the 'Like' button.

MySpace on Thursday announced a partnership with Facebook which allows the latter's users to move their likes and interests over to News Corp's social networking site, creating a "real-time stream" of automatic updates.

The alliance, dubbed "Mashup with Facebook", sets the two companies in direct competition with Apple's two-month-old social network Ping.

The News Corp-owned social networking site is aligning itself with Facebook, rather than competing against it, media reports added.

MySpace chief executive Mike Jones said that his site considers the partnership as a complimentary service to Facebook.

The News Corp site also added that it will also soon implement Facebook's "Like" button across its site as an add-on to the recently-introduced feature which cross-posts status updates between the two sites.

Cross-posting is reportedly used by more than a million MySpace users currently.